How can you guarantee a rank boost?

We can guarantee a rank boost because we use multiple correlation tools to compare 900+ onsite factors for the top 100 positions, then create content based on that data! We are that confident in our process of translating the data into high-quality content – and in the data itself.

What will I get if I don’t see a rank boost?

If you see no changes in rankings (a “rank boost”) after your content has been published and indexed – you will receive a free article of your choice ($150 value)

How long would I need to wait to see a rank boost? 

It differs by client. We will add your keyword to our SERP tracking tools as soon as your order is placed, and continue to track it up to 30 days after it’s indexed. The effect of the content should be visible within that time period. But you will need to wait up to 40 days after indexing before receiving a refund!

What if I am building links at the same time I get the content from you? How are you going to tell me that the “rank boost” is from the content?

If you are link building, great! (We sell links too. Rank, baby! Rank!) 

Obviously, it would be much easier to attribute the rank boost to the content if you are not link building. If you are a first time client, then we suggest you publish the content in a time when no links are being built or published. That is the only sure way for you to check our work/guarantee! 

However, IF you are building links (which you should be!) and one of them gets indexed around the same time our content is indexed, we will then take a look via Ahrefs and discuss the results with you! We will send you a SERP report both ways after your content has been indexed for 30 days that shows  your SERP movements.

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